It seems the more digital detritus we amass, the more of it we expect to wedge into a smaller and smaller space. That’s where the Sandisk UltraBackup USB Flash Drive comes in.

This flash drive — or “thumb drive” as some people call it, referring to its digit-like size — is small on size but huge on capacity. Measuring from 8 gigabytes to 32 gigs, this traditional flash drive offers one-touch back-up. It’s ideal for traditional back-up, or just stashing stuff to take on the road.

Good thing, since most IT pros joke about there being two types of computer users in the world: Those who have lost data, and those who will.

Manufacturers include Seagate, Western Digital and Toshiba, among others. The Seagate FreeAgent Go portable storage device ($159) uses a hard drive docking station. The SanDisk Ultra Backup USB flash drive comes in eight gigabytes to 64 gigabytes. Both back up selected files with push of a back-up button. Prices range from $49.99 to $277.99.

Beware the promise of portability, for it has  its shortcomings. Should a portable drive fall into the wrong hands, data can be compromised. When buying a drive, look for those with built-in encryption to keep intruders out. Smaller devices ferried about also are susceptible to damage if dropped.

To read a full review, check out TechwareLabs’ latest look at the Sandisk UltraBackup USB Flash Drive. “We all have at least one type of portable memory storage unit laying around the house filled with music, work, pictures, videos or what have you. But now those guys from Sandisk have created the first flash drive with a “Backup” button. With no wires and no fuss, see if they made a breakthrough in storing important electronic data safely and with ease.” Read the whole review here.