Marriott’s Residence Inn Taps Home Office Expert for Ad Campaign

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October 26th, 2009 No Comments »

marriott-bookmark-jpgHome office, telework and road warrior technology tips from leading home-business and work-at-home expert Jeff Zbar will be featured in more than two million copies of TIME, Fortune and Money magazines and Time Inc. websites beginning this week.

In a unique promotional campaign for Marriott International Inc.’s Residence Inn brand, Zbar provides two dozen tips on remote work strategies, “cloud” computing and online security. The tips are presented on “bookmarks” bound into the magazines and linked to from the websites. View the bookmark here.

“Road warriors, digital nomads and others who work from the road don’t want to struggle or just get by. They want to thrive – no matter where work and life take them,” said Zbar, creator of Chief Home Officer and Home Office Highway, a site focused on extended, working vacations. “Residence Inn’s campaign reveals in simple detail how easy it can be to achieve location independence and to connect and compute from a workspace other than the home or corporate office.”

The Residence Inn campaign, “Master The Long Trip” appears in the October 26 issues of TIME and Fortune, and the November issue of Money. The online tips debuted on CNNMoney on October 19, and will run through November 30. The tips also appear on Sports Read More »

FREE Home Office Highway Brochure & eBook Ready to Download

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Want to learn how to become a more efficient, productive and fun-loving road warrior? Whether you’re a home officer, a teleworker or a road warrior, you can.

Download the same Brochure that was given away across the South as part of Home Office Highway ‘09. Just click here to download your own copy – where you’ll learn all about netbooks, Mifi personal hotspots, and other tips and insights to help you work wisely from the highway.

You also can download the Home Office Highway ‘08 eBook. The booklet and ebook both include tips and insights on where vocation meets vacation on the open Road. Read More »

More Tweets From Home Office Highway

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More tweets from Home Office Highway (@homeofficehiway). And with Tweetlater, I was able to dual post to @chiefhomeoffice . Social Media tools helped spread the word…

22.  Midnight in the RV. Campfire’s burned to embers. Robbie & Stella sleep. Zack reads. I write. Mifi & laptop = productive time

23. Workation, staycation, camputing. Is Home Office Highway is part of a larger trend? From the Detroit Free Press

24. The greatest challenge for HOH ’09 is finding productive time to work. AM, Stella’s active. PM, I’m spent. Daytime, outdoors beckon.

25. Financial Times needs an pic of my home office. Good news: Even from Georgia, I can see all my pix w/Carbonite. Bad news: No recent pix

26. More on scale: Mobile Workmate is my mobile ‘home office’ (PC, tech, supplies, etc.), messenger bag for day trips, shoulder bag for netbook

27. Hikes beget scale. To walk w/ netbook in tow, my Be.ez messenger bag is a tad large. Next time, my cloth shoulder bag (a la Jack Bauer) Read More »

Mobile Home Office – On the Ribbon With Ruth…

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July 16th, 2008 No Comments »

A few days back while we were in Atlanta, I arranged an interview with Ruth King of On The and the Profitability Channel online television network. Notwithstanding the ingenuity of creating a full-on TV network that runs over the Internet, we had a good chat about the powertools of the mobile home office.

Talk about preparation, Ruth had me prepare a pre-interview doc on the must-knows of our adventure. My list follows: Read More »

Home Office Highway: An Introduction…

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July 13th, 2008 No Comments »

What is “Home Office Highway”? It’s that experience where Vocation Meets Vacation on the open road. Where a home officer discovers how to make work work better, using everyday, off-the-shelf tools and technology, to replicate the home office in a 23-foot RV.

Check it out. And check back often. More to come…

Home Office Highway Tour Dates Now Available!

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June 22nd, 2008 No Comments »

If you live in Jacksonville, Fla., Union City, N.Disney Entrepreneur CenterJ., Glen Allen, Va., or Orlando, Fla., you’re in luck: Home Office Highway will be stopping by.

ZRV — the country’s first Home Office on Wheels — has set its tour dates. See below for locations, dates and times. In each market, we’ll showcase the technology and tips to creating a balanced workation. And every visitor will receive a copy of Home Office Highway: A Digital Adventure Where Vocation Meets Vacation on the Open Road, a free booklet on virtual officing courtesy Office Depot’s Design Print Ship Depot.

For aspiring business owners in Central Florida, we’ll also be presenting on “Managing the Home Office Experience” at the Disney Entrepreneur Center.

Monday, July 7 (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Office Depot No. 2744 (932 Dunn Ave. @ 8am)
Verizon Evolution (Location TBD, afternoon)

Thursday, July 17 (Union, N.J.)
Office Depot No. 2459 (1701 Morris Ave. @ 8am)

Sunday, July 20 (Glen Allen, Va.)
Office Depot No. 565 (9700 W. Broad St. @ 9am)

Thursday, July 24 (Orlando, Fla.)
The Disney Entrepreneur Center (315 E. Robinson St. @ 830am)

Attendees at the Disney Entrepreneur Center presentation also will receive a free copy of The Chief Home Officer’s Guide to Home Office Design & Set-Up.

Hope to see you at the stores — and on the road!

Waypoints: Putting Our Home Office Road Tour Together…

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June 7th, 2008 No Comments »

Scotland yard four detectives by mprinke @.jpgAmerica is a great country for road trippin’. From the Tamiami Trail in South Florida to the Blue Ridge Parkway, from Route 66 to the Pacific Coast Highway, this place was created for the explorer in search of sights unexplored along the open road.

Rand McNally created a list of five great destinations. But when we hit the road on Home Office Highway, we’ll travel none of RM’s suggested paths, but hope to create some roads less traveled of our own.

We’ll explore some sights along the Eastern Seaboard. From Orlando through Jacksonville, Fla., we’ll go through the Carolinas andVirginia, through the New York Metro area, and up into Boston — then back again.

With Office Depot as a partner, we’ll bring the show to their stores throughout the journey. Though times are to be determined, the store locations we’ll visit are:

– Jacksonville, Fla., in the Highland Square Shopping Center

– Glen Allen, Va., at West Broad Street and Stillman Parkway

– Springfield, Pa., in the Olde Sproul Shopping Village

–  Union, N.J., on Morris Avenue

– Framingham, Mass., in the Shoppers World Center

We’re also working with AAA South and a handful of maps to plot our course. This will be a heckuva journey.

Any tips to share about paths to take or sites to see? Let us know…

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