Home Office Highway: Snapshots From the Road Traveled So Far…

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July 24th, 2009 No Comments »
The road traveled, so far...

The road traveled, so far...

Four days into Home Office Highway ’09 and we’ve seen a great deal of Florida and Georgia.

We’ve traveled about 10% of the trip on country backroads, so we’ve seen more of Real America than we have in the past.

A sampling of snapshots from the trip thus far: Upper left (and me in hat), tubing down the Itchetucknee River in North Central Florida; top center and right, Stella enjoying my harmonica playing, then asleep on her perch: My Foray Mobile Workmate; lower right, Robbie sending a Bunk Note to Zoe on the MSI netbook; lower left, the campsite home office: the netbook, Verizon Gz’One Boulder, and a cup of coffee.

These are the images memories are made from…

Creature Comforts & Home Office Teem in RV, Campgrounds

July 12th, 2009 No Comments »

Working on the turf outside the mobile home office

Working on the turf outside the mobile home office

When I tell people that we’re embarking on a two-week workation adventure in a 25-foot recreational vehicle — “balk” is the best word to characterize their surprise.

Cramped. Constricted. Confined.


But working from an RV traveling the American South is anything but any of those.

I guess a workation is what you make of it. With broadband wireless, netbook and laptops, and all the trappings of modern life — tucked neatly into a late-model RV, we’ll have what we need to stay connected and for me to get my job done.

Want crazy? Camping retailer REI says the sale of single-family tents were up 17% this June over last. That’s crazy? Where will you put the 23-inch TV?

Surely I jest. I grew up tent camping throughout Florida. Good times.

But still need convincing about the beauty of RV’ing, tent-camping and even the use of air-conditioned cabins? Read on in this article from USAToday on the surprising pleasures of modern RV’ingRead More »

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