‘End of Magic’ a Fallacy for Road Warriors, Children at Heart

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Home Office Highway CollageSeth Godin wrote recently of the end of magic.He was lamenting how the newness of the new seems to have passed us by — how the really cool tools and applications that once wowed us in the workplace and life now are so commonplace that they are taken for granted, and no longer harbingers of Wow!

Wait. Take a moment to ponder the tools we use and what they bring to our daily lives. You might respectfully disagree.

Every day, I use services and tools that keep me connected with the world outside in ways that still seem magical. My BlackBerry brings the Internet and its motherlode of possibilities to a device smaller than a deck of cards (iPhone users will only smirk at the possibilities borne from their device).

Want to contact a peer, client or someone else from my database? Will that be by phone (office, mobile, home, “other”?), or email, or SMS, or MMS?

Add a new name to Google Contacts — and it’s “magically” duplicated in my BlackBerry. Send an email from my phone and it instantly appears in GMail.

As I prepare to head out on Home Office Highway once again this year, I think about the tools that’ll keep me connected from the road.

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More Tweets From Home Office Highway

social media, What's New With the Tour?
July 30th, 2009 No Comments »

More tweets from Home Office Highway (@homeofficehiway). And with Tweetlater, I was able to dual post to @chiefhomeoffice . Social Media tools helped spread the word…

22.  Midnight in the RV. Campfire’s burned to embers. Robbie & Stella sleep. Zack reads. I write. Mifi & laptop = productive time

23. Workation, staycation, camputing. Is Home Office Highway is part of a larger trend? From the Detroit Free Press

24. The greatest challenge for HOH ’09 is finding productive time to work. AM, Stella’s active. PM, I’m spent. Daytime, outdoors beckon.

25. Financial Times needs an pic of my home office. Good news: Even from Georgia, I can see all my pix w/Carbonite. Bad news: No recent pix

26. More on scale: Mobile Workmate is my mobile ‘home office’ (PC, tech, supplies, etc.), messenger bag for day trips, shoulder bag for netbook

27. Hikes beget scale. To walk w/ netbook in tow, my Be.ez messenger bag is a tad large. Next time, my cloth shoulder bag (a la Jack Bauer) Read More »

The Tweets of Home Office Highway

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The week in review: Ten days of tweets for Home Office Highway. It’s a great way to recap the trip…

1. I told the tweeps at the Disney Entrepreneur Center today about ‘florists’ going on line. Then USAToday sez,

2. Remember, people – Social Media is all about your consumer, listener, follower or friend. The good vibe you get in turn is just gravy

3. See? This is how you tweet via mobile – sharing ideas & observations

4. Wow! What a crowd at the Disney Entrepreneur Center! Gotta love biz owners eager to learn!

5. Folks at the Disney entrepreneur center are about to get a dose of social media for small business. Remember: it’s about them, not you. Read More »

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