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Pre-Trip Planning
July 3rd, 2008 No Comments »

T-Minus four days until Home Office Highway hits the open road, and I still find myself in search of the must-have supplies.Latex Gloves I have my latex gloves and Velcro straps. I have Purell (there’s actual germs in the woods!). And I have my harmonica and funky travel hat.

But in frenzied fashion befitting a home office denizen first-timing it in an RV, below is the rest of the stuff I believe I’ll need. Have other ideas? Let me know…

– Cable locks to secure laptops, and a travel pad lock to close my Mobile Workmate. A baseball bat would be nice, too.
– My must-have user IDs and passwords so I can blog, log on, bank and otherwise work and live on the road. Read More »

Waypoints: Putting Our Home Office Road Tour Together…

What's New With the Tour?
June 7th, 2008 No Comments »

Scotland yard four detectives by mprinke @.jpgAmerica is a great country for road trippin’. From the Tamiami Trail in South Florida to the Blue Ridge Parkway, from Route 66 to the Pacific Coast Highway, this place was created for the explorer in search of sights unexplored along the open road.

Rand McNally created a list of five great destinations. But when we hit the road on Home Office Highway, we’ll travel none of RM’s suggested paths, but hope to create some roads less traveled of our own.

We’ll explore some sights along the Eastern Seaboard. From Orlando through Jacksonville, Fla., we’ll go through the Carolinas andVirginia, through the New York Metro area, and up into Boston — then back again.

With Office Depot as a partner, we’ll bring the show to their stores throughout the journey. Though times are to be determined, the store locations we’ll visit are:

– Jacksonville, Fla., in the Highland Square Shopping Center

– Glen Allen, Va., at West Broad Street and Stillman Parkway

– Springfield, Pa., in the Olde Sproul Shopping Village

–  Union, N.J., on Morris Avenue

– Framingham, Mass., in the Shoppers World Center

We’re also working with AAA South and a handful of maps to plot our course. This will be a heckuva journey.

Any tips to share about paths to take or sites to see? Let us know…

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