Creature Comforts & Home Office Teem in RV, Campgrounds

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Working on the turf outside the mobile home office

Working on the turf outside the mobile home office

When I tell people that we’re embarking on a two-week workation adventure in a 25-foot recreational vehicle — “balk” is the best word to characterize their surprise.

Cramped. Constricted. Confined.


But working from an RV traveling the American South is anything but any of those.

I guess a workation is what you make of it. With broadband wireless, netbook and laptops, and all the trappings of modern life — tucked neatly into a late-model RV, we’ll have what we need to stay connected and for me to get my job done.

Want crazy? Camping retailer REI says the sale of single-family tents were up 17% this June over last. That’s crazy? Where will you put the 23-inch TV?

Surely I jest. I grew up tent camping throughout Florida. Good times.

But still need convincing about the beauty of RV’ing, tent-camping and even the use of air-conditioned cabins? Read on in this article from USAToday on the surprising pleasures of modern RV’ingRead More »

Put RV Wheels on Your ‘Getaway Space’ Home Office

Product Review, The Road Warrior
March 3rd, 2009 No Comments »

Long-time home office architect Neal Zimmerman has created a killer new concept for the home office genre: The Getaway Space.

bloom-writers-studioAnd with a little extrapolation, think about how a shed, cottage — or recreational vehicle — could suit your home office needs.

Not so much a home office or site for a home-based business as a retreat for anyone, the spaces seem part entrepreneur-minded, and part Henry David Thoreau-esque escapism. It’s even ideal for the teleworker who needs a space away from home to get work done.

Neal explores backyard pavilions and personal getaway spaces. He shows why, how and where people are building them, and showcases custom designs, and myriad examples of prefabricated modular units that can be shipped anywhere in the world and quickly assembled. Read More »

Welcome to HomeOfficeHighway!

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Home Office Highway isn’t a contrived road trip made to fake a road warrior’s life. This will be the real thing. As a vendor-sponsored tour and online exhibition, the Tour will showcase products and services that empower today’s remote worker and family. Led by veteran home officer and technology columnist Jeff Zbar, the Tour will reveal in very real terms how technology makes working and playing from the road productive – and fun.

Home Office Highway will be housed in a 28-foot recreational vehicle outfitted with the latest technology on the inside – and sponsor logos on the outside. Within the vehicle will be a fully functional remote office. Sponsor-supplied products will include those common to any home office or small business (laptop PCs, multifunction printer / fax / scanner / copier, battery back-up, external data storage, various USB accessories, PC security devices, PDA/wireless phones, global positioning satellite (GPS) devices, digital cameras, wireless routers / networking equipment, Bluetooth devices, laptop cases, organizational tools, etc.).

Scheduled for Summer 2008, Jeff and his family will pack their belongings – and his home office, and set off in an RV to explore the open road. Over one month, they will:

– Drive highly trafficked roads; visit popular destinations, theme and national parks, and beachfront sites; camp and live as a family – and create an undeniable “Wow!” factor everywhere they go.

– Connect via multiple laptops working on the latest wireless broadband service and linked by a wireless network.

– File dispatches, blogs and Webcam videologues to show how productive and connected a true “road warrior” – and his family – can be from the road.

– Visit sponsor locations to meet and discuss with consumers and media how sponsor products and services can improve productivity.

Summertime on the highway can be a marketer’s bonanza. The Tour will log 3,000 miles during the peak summer travel season, traveling From Miami through Orlando, Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia, Washington, D.C., the New York/Tri-State metro area and New England.

Ready to roll? Check back often to learn more about Home Office Highway. Trust me, it will be… A Digital Adventure!


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