Keeping the Mobile Office & Home Officer Online & Un-Harassed From The Road

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July 23rd, 2009 No Comments »
Finally, a 'hotspot' that's easy to use - and a true 'cloud'.

Finally, a 'hotspot' that's easy to use, small as a business card - and a true 'cloud'.

More on the Mifi…

It’s every home office, telework and road warrior’s lament. At least those with kids (and a wife in search of ‘net-time): How to get online, without attracting attention from the little scoundrels, who’ll then want the Internet-connected laptop for their own.

Of course, RV parks across America promise “Free Wifi.” Good luck finding a network that works…

Here’s one review of the MiFi personal hotspot. Specifically, Daniel Terdiman said of mobile hot spot, it “converts the carrier’s EV-DO signal into a Wi-Fi connection that up to five people can share. I had already used the MiFi to provide a signal for the iPod Touch at the very beginning of the trip so that, while sitting on a boarding airplane, I could download a large file from iTunes…Now, I realized that by turning the MiFi on and sticking it in my back pocket, I could become, in essence, a walking hot spot, allowing me to get online on the iPod Touch, no matter where I was. That meant that I could use the Skype app to make a phone call, run several other apps for one reason or another, and look up good places to eat using the device’s browser…”

My two cents: This device has made working remotely seamless and breezy. Read More »

Cloud Computing: A Closer Look for the Mobile & Home Office

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March 27th, 2009 No Comments »

Much has been written about Cloud Computing (or working with hosted apps from anywhere in the world).

I blogged on the Cloud Worker concept here at Home Office and throughout Chief Home For home-business owners or teleworkers, it frees labor from place, makes “virtual office” a reality, and done wisely, can boost productivity.

For the road warrior, clouds thoroughly remove barriers to data and knowledge work.

Ramon Ray from Small Business Technology has written and spoken on Cloud apps, too. Ray recently was invited to moderated the NY IT SMB User Meet Up Group, led by Mor Sela of

Here’s Ramon’s blog post on the topic of Cloud Computing… Read More »

‘Cloudworker’ Tapped as Moniker for Home Office & Road Warrior

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November 18th, 2008 2 Comments »

Cloudworker. Duh!

When Plantronics launched a survey to better understand remote and home office workers — and then held a competition to rename the poorly understood term “teleworker” — I considered what phrase I could coin that would stick.

Telecommuter and teleworker obviously had wallowed in oblivion since the 1970s and 1990s, respectively.

SOHO-dweller? Nope. Home Officer? Uh-uh. “That guy who works in his underwear instead of driving into the office.” That’s a bit cumbersome and conjures a rather bothersome visual.

Then some dude named Venkat Rao came up with “Cloudworker.” It defines “those of us who work from several locations in one day; communicate on multiple devices and with multiple applications; integrate work and personal lives; and provide 24×7, ‘always on’ service to customers.”

Eureka! Google “cloud computing” or search this site and see how often it comes up. Heck, I “cloudworked” from bed last night while watching Monday Night Football. Read More »

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