After 3 Weeks, We’re at the Home Office. Now, the Retrospective

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July 25th, 2008 1 Comment »

Ready for departure on the Home Office HighwayI’m sitting at my kitchen counter, HP laptop powered up, and pondering what we just completed.

Home Office Highway was an unbelievable exercise, in freedom, family, adventure, escape, work / life balance (and then some), technology and the power tools that empower the remote worker, personalities, workstyles, and what it takes to get all these concepts to meet up on the same page.

I have no doubt that we’ll do this again. I’ve spoken with my partners, and the interest is there. My clients were buoyed by the concept, and for the most part, were none the wiser — or at least didn’t seem to mind — that I was working from Lord knows where.

To be sure, there’s some balancing that needs working out. A few thoughts in retrospect… Read More »

Home Office Highway Tour Dates Now Available!

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June 22nd, 2008 No Comments »

If you live in Jacksonville, Fla., Union City, N.Disney Entrepreneur CenterJ., Glen Allen, Va., or Orlando, Fla., you’re in luck: Home Office Highway will be stopping by.

ZRV — the country’s first Home Office on Wheels — has set its tour dates. See below for locations, dates and times. In each market, we’ll showcase the technology and tips to creating a balanced workation. And every visitor will receive a copy of Home Office Highway: A Digital Adventure Where Vocation Meets Vacation on the Open Road, a free booklet on virtual officing courtesy Office Depot’s Design Print Ship Depot.

For aspiring business owners in Central Florida, we’ll also be presenting on “Managing the Home Office Experience” at the Disney Entrepreneur Center.

Monday, July 7 (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Office Depot No. 2744 (932 Dunn Ave. @ 8am)
Verizon Evolution (Location TBD, afternoon)

Thursday, July 17 (Union, N.J.)
Office Depot No. 2459 (1701 Morris Ave. @ 8am)

Sunday, July 20 (Glen Allen, Va.)
Office Depot No. 565 (9700 W. Broad St. @ 9am)

Thursday, July 24 (Orlando, Fla.)
The Disney Entrepreneur Center (315 E. Robinson St. @ 830am)

Attendees at the Disney Entrepreneur Center presentation also will receive a free copy of The Chief Home Officer’s Guide to Home Office Design & Set-Up.

Hope to see you at the stores — and on the road!

If You See This Home Office on the Road…

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June 20th, 2008 No Comments »

… you’ll know you’re coming up on Home Office Graphic designer Angela L. Moses at JMM Graphics in Parkland, Fla., worked with DigiGraphics in Dania Beach, Fla., to create the vehicle signage for the ZRV.

Home Office Highway ZRV from Rear

We’re on Turn Three of pulling the tour together. A few details left to iron out. Check back in a week for the FREE downloadable booklet, Home Office Highway: Where Vocation Meets Vacation on the Open Road. It’s packed with useful strategies and tips on the technology needed to work successfully from the road — and ways to keep your work schedule and client expectations in check.

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