Home Office Highways, Byways and Hole-in-the-Wall Restaurants…

Work/Life Compatibility
July 26th, 2008 No Comments »

We made a promise before we left on Home Office Highway: No Cracker Barrel, and no Hampton Inn.

Nothing against these two fine brands. When we’re traveling in the family minivan, they’re each an oasis on the Interstate. But with our home along for the ride, hotels were unnecessary, and meals were in the fridge.

Besides, what we cook on board is healthier than the high-fat fare typically had on the road.

Our final tally: Nine meals were purchased from restaurants along the way, including one final bite at a Panera Bread in Orlando as I presented at the Disney Entrepreneur Center. Read More »

Healthy, Green & Eco-Friendly Home Office RVing

July 20th, 2008 1 Comment »

Zoe reaches high to reveal just how dramatic Georgia\'s drought has been.In Home Office Highway, we’ve tried to do our part for the environment — and our health.

We’ve seen the decline of our world. We drove through Atlanta, where a persistent drought is raising serious questions about long-term solutions. We visited the state’s northeast, where dropping water levels are plainly and shockingly apparently.

We had to do better. We have no paper goods, aside from napkins, tissues and paper towels (we have two cloth kitchen towels that do the bulk of the wiping and drying), and the paper of our journal. We’re eating off Corele chip- and scratch-resistant plates with actual silverware, drinking from sturdy plastic cups, and re-using water bottles. To wash, we’re doing the “fill one sink with soapy water, the other with fresh” to do the dishes.

The intention of this trip was not to be a burden on the environment, but to enjoy Mother Nature without eco-guilt. We’ve done a fairly good job. We’ve cooked out (ever had Rocky Mountain toast cooked over an open fire?), recycled where possible, and tried to minimize our waste. Read More »

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