Home Office Highway: So Far…

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July 17th, 2008 1 Comment »

Home Office Highway: Two weeks in...

Two weeks in, and we’ve seen and done so much. I’ve logged early morning work sessions in the RV and in the woods, and watched as my family journaled about our adventures. I’ve shared times with new friends (“Hey Col. Sanders, I always imagined you a bit taller”), and discovered how productive you can be with a laptop, an internet connection and clients and family who get it.

One more week. Plenty of places to explore and experiences to be had…

Waypoints: Putting Our Home Office Road Tour Together…

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June 7th, 2008 No Comments »

Scotland yard four detectives by mprinke @.jpgAmerica is a great country for road trippin’. From the Tamiami Trail in South Florida to the Blue Ridge Parkway, from Route 66 to the Pacific Coast Highway, this place was created for the explorer in search of sights unexplored along the open road.

Rand McNally created a list of five great destinations. But when we hit the road on Home Office Highway, we’ll travel none of RM’s suggested paths, but hope to create some roads less traveled of our own.

We’ll explore some sights along the Eastern Seaboard. From Orlando through Jacksonville, Fla., we’ll go through the Carolinas andVirginia, through the New York Metro area, and up into Boston — then back again.

With Office Depot as a partner, we’ll bring the show to their stores throughout the journey. Though times are to be determined, the store locations we’ll visit are:

– Jacksonville, Fla., in the Highland Square Shopping Center

– Glen Allen, Va., at West Broad Street and Stillman Parkway

– Springfield, Pa., in the Olde Sproul Shopping Village

–  Union, N.J., on Morris Avenue

– Framingham, Mass., in the Shoppers World Center

We’re also working with AAA South and a handful of maps to plot our course. This will be a heckuva journey.

Any tips to share about paths to take or sites to see? Let us know…

Home Office Highway Signs RV Sales of Broward as Partner

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June 6th, 2008 No Comments »

RV Sales of BrowardCoral Springs, FL (June 6, 2008) – Home Office Highway, the digital road show and contest that this summer will showcase how consumer electronics and small business technology can empower the digital lifestyle from within a recreational vehicle, has partnered with RV Sales of Broward.

“From a compact camper to a luxury motor coach, RVs are a perfect way to have fun and work efficiently during a road trip,” said Jeff Zbar, the show’s creator and host. “Smart technology, tools and creature comforts can enable productivity from the road.”

“This promises to be an exciting, educational adventure that will highlight how the RV lifestyle and road warrior workstyle can coexist,” said Gigi Stetler, owner and CEO of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based RV Sales of Broward, and creator of the Riding Gigi Style line of RV linens. “Jeff and his family will show how an RV can be an ideal office.” Read More »

Welcome to HomeOfficeHighway!

February 21st, 2008 No Comments »

Home Office Highway isn’t a contrived road trip made to fake a road warrior’s life. This will be the real thing. As a vendor-sponsored tour and online exhibition, the Tour will showcase products and services that empower today’s remote worker and family. Led by veteran home officer and technology columnist Jeff Zbar, the Tour will reveal in very real terms how technology makes working and playing from the road productive – and fun.

Home Office Highway will be housed in a 28-foot recreational vehicle outfitted with the latest technology on the inside – and sponsor logos on the outside. Within the vehicle will be a fully functional remote office. Sponsor-supplied products will include those common to any home office or small business (laptop PCs, multifunction printer / fax / scanner / copier, battery back-up, external data storage, various USB accessories, PC security devices, PDA/wireless phones, global positioning satellite (GPS) devices, digital cameras, wireless routers / networking equipment, Bluetooth devices, laptop cases, organizational tools, etc.).

Scheduled for Summer 2008, Jeff and his family will pack their belongings – and his home office, and set off in an RV to explore the open road. Over one month, they will:

– Drive highly trafficked roads; visit popular destinations, theme and national parks, and beachfront sites; camp and live as a family – and create an undeniable “Wow!” factor everywhere they go.

– Connect via multiple laptops working on the latest wireless broadband service and linked by a wireless network.

– File dispatches, blogs and Webcam videologues to show how productive and connected a true “road warrior” – and his family – can be from the road.

– Visit sponsor locations to meet and discuss with consumers and media how sponsor products and services can improve productivity.

Summertime on the highway can be a marketer’s bonanza. The Tour will log 3,000 miles during the peak summer travel season, traveling From Miami through Orlando, Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia, Washington, D.C., the New York/Tri-State metro area and New England.

Ready to roll? Check back often to learn more about Home Office Highway. Trust me, it will be… A Digital Adventure!


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