Verizon Droid vs. iPhone: A Battle of Road Warrior / Home Office Smart Phones

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October 29th, 2009 No Comments »

A funny thing happened while I was reviewing the new Verizon Droid smart phone for Home Office Highway and Chief Home Officer.

I never made a call.

With 10,000 available apps, Verizon’s 3G network, and Google’s Android 2.0 operating system, there’s a lot to do with a phone without ever making a call. In fact, that’s why I may never buy one.

Listen as I review the Droid with Jim Blasingame. Read on below the widget to hear why I’m a tried-and-true BlackBerry person – at least for the moment…

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Keeping the Mobile Office & Home Officer Online & Un-Harassed From The Road

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July 23rd, 2009 No Comments »
Finally, a 'hotspot' that's easy to use - and a true 'cloud'.

Finally, a 'hotspot' that's easy to use, small as a business card - and a true 'cloud'.

More on the Mifi…

It’s every home office, telework and road warrior’s lament. At least those with kids (and a wife in search of ‘net-time): How to get online, without attracting attention from the little scoundrels, who’ll then want the Internet-connected laptop for their own.

Of course, RV parks across America promise “Free Wifi.” Good luck finding a network that works…

Here’s one review of the MiFi personal hotspot. Specifically, Daniel Terdiman said of mobile hot spot, it “converts the carrier’s EV-DO signal into a Wi-Fi connection that up to five people can share. I had already used the MiFi to provide a signal for the iPod Touch at the very beginning of the trip so that, while sitting on a boarding airplane, I could download a large file from iTunes…Now, I realized that by turning the MiFi on and sticking it in my back pocket, I could become, in essence, a walking hot spot, allowing me to get online on the iPod Touch, no matter where I was. That meant that I could use the Skype app to make a phone call, run several other apps for one reason or another, and look up good places to eat using the device’s browser…”

My two cents: This device has made working remotely seamless and breezy. Read More »

$50 Million Means Home Office Calls, Data & Hannah Montana Get Thru

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August 1st, 2008 No Comments »

Ever wonder how your wireless phone works?

Of course not. Just like a car or an Apple Computer, we don’t wonder about these things. We just turn them on, and they work. Miracles abound, but we don’t really think about them.

I had a chance recently to think about — and actually see — how my wireless phone works. It was pretty impressive.

I visited the Verizon Wireless switching facility, “Mobile Telephone Switching Office” or “switch” in Orlando. It’s a fortress where all Verizon calls to and from Central Florida feed through. This otherwise non-descript building, with its brick trim and secured entrance, represents the brain and spine that mean when I hit “Send,” my call gets sent. Or when I log on with my broadband access card, Gmail comes to my laptop. It knows all.

The name “Hal” came to mind.

My first impression, though? Cool. Read More »

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