Managing Expectations When the Home Office is on the Road

Soloing, Telework & Virtual Officing
July 30th, 2008 No Comments »

The tools worked fine. The technology — my Verizon aircard was flawless, the HP tablet PC was a hit and it all stashed neatly into my Foray mobile workmate.

Managing expectations… THAT was the detail that needs more attention. My family was pretty understanding. Only one or two clients would ping me with URGENT projects that needed my attention Right Now, I tell you, NOW! (truth be told, my emphasis, not theirs…)

Trains, Planes, Automobiles or RVs?

The Road Warrior
July 11th, 2008 No Comments »

A friend I’ve known for years happened TSAacross Home Office Highway recently. Jay Van Vechten, founder of Van Vechten & Co., a Boca Raton, Fla., marketing communications firm, was impressed — and especially non-plussed with his own experience with a recent airline trip. This is a guy who’s traveled by transAtlantic cruise liner, toured the world, and absolutely had it traditional travel.

Hence his comments below…

“Your trip sounds amazing. So much more interesting than flying these days.

“This past week I was in South Carolina. When I reached the airport in Columbus, the check in agent said my bag was 3 pounds overweight and would cost me $50.”

Jay thought he had the solution. Jay was wrong.

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A Home For Your Stuff…

July 2nd, 2008 No Comments »

Where does my stuff go? That one statement has expressed the bane and misery of this occasional road warrior’s travels from the first time I loaded a laptop bag and headed out of the home office and hit the road.

Sure, laptop bags have a place for the namesake product. But what about the rest of the stuff that invariably comes along? Even the power cable and transformer have to find a make-shift home, tucked in some side pocket or stuffed in a Zip-Lock baggie to avoid entanglement.

Then there’s the portable mouse, the USB adapters, and all the other accessories. Where do these orphans go — neatly  — so that they’re accessible and don’t end us as a tangled mess on the bottom of the bag? Read More »

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